A New Type of Bedding to Consider

A while back, I mentioned Hemp bedding as an alternative to traditional beddings, shavings or straw for horses. Recently I learned about another relatively new bedding that is currently on the market. – Sani-Care from the Espoma Company in Millville, NJ.

This is a very fine hardwood bedding ( none of the harmful ones – no walnut or swamp/soft maple), it looks very much like sand, but that is where the comparison stops.  It is lightweight and thanks to a heat treating process also very dust free and highly absorbent.

Here’s what their website says:

“Our manufacturing sites are close to the forests that are the source of our wood.  All our source forests are managed for sustainability.  For every tree harvested a new tree is planted.   Wood is a valuable commodity and the primary use is for lumber.  The process used to make Sani-Care® emphasizes the highest level of quality control at every turn.  After finding the highest quality wood sources, we use only closed-van trailers to transport our hardwoods from sawmills to our production facilities. At all times throughout the process, we maintain a closed system to avoid contamination. The animal beddings are heat-treated and dried in rotary drums, reaching 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. The moisture content is lowered this way to 8% (+/-2%), killing harmful bacteria.  The product is then conveyed by air through sifters and screeners to produce a final particle size. Then, it is refined again using additional, innovative and unique equipment to further increase screening and aspirating. Note: Our product is virtually dust-free.”

One of my clients has been using this bedding and it does appear to do all it claims to do. Dust is vastly reduced and the product does fall away from the manure with a minimal amount of effort and appears to clump on the urine spots. The bags are lightweight ( you can pick them up with one hand), and although it does take a lot of bedding to initially fill the stall it does seem to last much longer than traditional beddings even with the dirtiest of horses.

Online searches show the price ranges from $7.99-$25.70 per bag but it is worth checking out their website to see if you have a local dealer or just to read all the background information.

At their website:  https://www.sani-care.com/

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Shelly Ingram

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