Are You Quantum Leap Ready for 2018?

January 17th was the first live Free Quantum Leap Class for 2018. I appreciate everyone who attended in-person. Your energy and attention was palpable!

My biggest takeaways:

  • Create some slides and image for anchoring important points (and so you don’t just have my talking head to look at!)
  • Check in more for audience questions and comments.
  • Get some non-glare spray for my glasses!

You can watch the replay here:

Or, Listen to the audio only here:

Or, Read the highlights in this post…

Here is what we covered during the class:

* (Q) Quantum – a measure of success. Mental – Emotional – Physical – Spiritual – Financial.

* (L) Language – how to talk about your work and it’s value!

* (E) Expertise – within and outside of equine assisted facilitation/coaching.

* (A) Awareness – that connects the soul of your work to the heart of your client.

* (P) Programming – that transforms and supports.

An Astrological Weather Report (Schelli’s term for understanding astrology):

I also read the following from astrologer Lisa Zimmerman. Her weblink is included here if you resonate with her words. (Tell her I sent you!)

I share her astrological perspective because what is happening on a larger physical, cosmic scale is directly relevant to the ‘energy’ that is active for us with regards to our business (and life) momentum. This is a time for new beginnings and taking action!

Lisa Zimmerman –
Tonight (1-17-18) at 9:17pm EST we have a New Moon in Capricorn (with six planets in the sign of structure and your Inner Authority) – time for new beginnings and taking actions that will blossom as you go forward, as long as you do the work.

Uranus squaring the Sun & Moon can trigger rebellious or unexpected actions, attitudes or behaviors in you or others. Pay attention to what is real for you.

The mission of Uranus? To shake things up, daring you to be Authentic. It’s radical to tell the truth these days…

If you feel blindsided (internally or externally), consider it a wake up call. When you rise beyond old fear-based thinking, you can find the message, gift or opportunity in the experience.

Write your New Moon Intentions tonight or tomorrow – and find something to commit to that will move your life forward and build your Self-esteem by doing it. This is a powerful time, so make the most of it.

But wait, there’s more…

A wormhole (tunnel from one reality to another) opens tonight marking the beginning of the 6-week Eclipse Period that is guaranteed to shake up our world and your life, one way or another.

Dramatic events may occur and things may suddenly appear or disappear. It’s a supernatural kind of energy. You never know what may be coming in or leaving your life.

Trust, trust, trust your Self and life. We are here together on a mission. Our connection is no accident and together we can change the world!

Are You Ready for a Quantum LEAP?

(L) Language – one of the biggest frustrations practitioners share is, “I don’t know how to explain what I do so that people will understand it.”

The thing is.. That’s really not the problem. The problem is you’re not crystal clear about what problem you solve and/or for ‘Who’.

Unless you are primarily serving other ‘horse people’ the fact that you partner with horses is more of a distraction than a ‘selling’ point to most potential clients.

Trying to sell life coaching to someone who doesn’t understand the benefits of life coaching is difficult enough, then add the horse factor and people spin off in a myriad of directions trying to make connections that make sense to them.

When we try to make our elevator speech fit whoever we are talking to in the moment, we come across as vague.


Question: What do you do?

Answer: I’m an equine assisted life coach?

Response: Oh, my daughter takes horseback riding lessons at…


Question: What do you do?

Answer: I help women Release the Weight of the World through an Unconventional Approach to Weight Loss that happens to include horses.

Response: Really? My wife loves horses. I bet she’d be interested in talking to you. Do you work with men too?

CLIENT SUCCESS: Clarity on Who You Serve.

Nicole Parks ( actually created a transformational program to help women ‘Release the Weight of the World ~ an Unconventional Approach to Weight Loss!” She booked her very first private client this month (who has already lost 4 lbs!).


(E) Expertise – this is the ‘What’ you do?

What are you really, really good at? What comes so naturally that you hardly have to think about it? It could be anything. Let’s start with what you were born with. What did people say about you when you were younger that you can identify with? “Oh, she has always been so good with animals.” “He is such a good student.” “She always was the creative one.”

Now consider the things that you’ve become good at through your own determination and effort. Where have you focused 10,000 hours of your blood, sweat, tears, and brain cells to become the best you can be at this point in your life? Again, this can be anything in addition to your equine assisted training.

You might be an expert at parenthood, music, or foreign languages. Perhaps you’ve become a master coach, healer, therapist, doctor, photographer, artist, writer, journalist, teacher, inventor, scientist, entrepreneur, marketer, weaver, programmer, builder, lawyer, fighter pilot, or mechanic. Maybe you are a world class athlete (or striving to become one), a dancer, equestrian, juggler, or comedian.

It’s important to identify and acknowledge your dedication to mastering something important to you, whether you were born with an aptitude for it or not.

Your expertise does not stand alone. It is flavored and supported by your essence and by the many other things you are either already good at, or you are striving to master and integrate into your highest and best self. How you grow and learn about yourself and what you provide for others is part of your expertise. It’s an aspect of how you hold others capable and accountable to their own personal development.

The integration of your essence and your expertise gives you a super genius that no one else can claim. Give that super genius a platform to stand upon, and the people you are meant to serve will finally be able to find you!

CLIENT SUCCESS: Clarity on Expertise

Barb Hafner ( had an opportunity to apply for a grant for her start-up, from the Small Business Association of British Columbia.   We outlined a comprehensive business concept that she submitted and was awarded $15K along with support and mentoring from the association for the next year!


(A) Awareness – how people find out about you.

Marketing and sales have such a bad rap. We have a conditioned response to the concept of marketing to be synonymous with lying. (I recommend a great book titled, “To Sell is Human” by Daniel H. Pink)

In the ‘olden days’ before consumers could do their own research, we relied on the seller to share information with us about their goods and services in order for us understand the value of the product. Unfortunately, many of those people overly embellished the qualities and benefits of their products and duped people into parting with their hard earned cash for nothing more than an empty promise.

Which is why we correlate sales with snake oil peddlers.

Today, we are able to learn about and research products and services well in advance of making a purchase.

  1. First, there is a need – “I need a new car”
  2. Then there is the research – “price, make, model, amenities, gas mileage, etc.”
  3. Then there is the test drive – “does it meet your expectations?”
  4. Then there is the purchase – “I want that one, I know the price, here is my money.”

Consider the ways you learned about the car.

TV / Friend / Past experience / Research / Test Drive

Marketing is nothing more than helping others understand the benefits, features and value of what you do.

Then offering ways for them to get to know you, often with a free test-drive in the form of a class like this, an e-book, your blog or public speaking.

Which is exactly how Bobbi McIntyre did it this past Tuesday, January 16th, 2018!

CLIENT SUCCESS: Ways people find out about you

Bobbi McIntyre ( brought the wisdom of the horse into her workshop/presentation on the “Architecture of Empathy” to a Technology Symposium for over 100 military personal in the Department of Defense in Washington, DC. Talk about expanding awareness! Infused with the wisdom of the horse, she got people curious about authentic communication and asking her about working with the horses!


(P) Programming – the container for transformation.

Once people know they want to work with you, you need a container to facilitate their transformation and support their new way of being in the world.

I don’t believe this is ‘one and done’ kind of work.

The structure of your program needs to nurture you and your horses as well as provide value and transformation for the client. Whether you offer a group, private or both, your programming needs to specifically move someone from the problem they are facing today to a solution or plan they can eventually move forward with on their own.

I highly recommend a combination of in-person work with the horses and follow-up support via phone or Zoom/Skype.

We, humans, need reinforcement with regards to any new learning or personal aha’s or we begin to doubt it was legitimate.

In chapter 6 of my book (The Business of Coaching with Horses), I share the story of Pia Ault who brought the horse work to the ADD/ADHD population in Dubai. The structure of that program provide more value to her clients as well as worked better for her horses and put more money in her pocket than trying to sell individual sessions or workshops.

That chapter clearly illustrates the entire LEAP foundation.

CLIENT SUCCESS: Container for transformation

Tara Coyote ( is actively in the process of healing herself naturally from a stage 3 diagnosis of breast cancer approximately 16 months ago. She is doing so well she wants to advocate for other people who are struggling with their own cancer journeys. We structured her first Cancer Warrioress coaching program and launched it between Christmas and New Years (not ideal for program enrollment). She filled it with 5 new participants and began on January 4th!


A Note from the Shameless Commerce Division of “The Business of Coaching with Horses!”

I invite you to take a look at the 9-Weeks to Quantum Leap Readiness program. If you are ready to structure your business to add an additional $5000/month to your income this year (and you’re willing to ‘do the work’!), let’s have a conversation and see if we are fit to work together!

Here is a link to my appointment scheduler:

If I am not a good fit to help you achieve your dream come true with your equine assisted business, I will be the first to say so! I want to work with people that I know I can help because we are in heart and soul alignment and not afraid of success (well, maybe a little afraid – but willing to go there anyway!).

The moon, stars, and planets are aligned now for intention with right action. Let’s do it right!


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Schelli Whitehouse is a design expert for extraordinary equine inspired businesses. She helps equine assisted coaches, therapists and facilitators weave their personal genius, ambitions and philosophy into a lifestyle business with horsepower! Her mission is to spread the power of equine inspired transformation and personal development by assisting other passionate practitioners to reach the people they are meant to serve.

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