Frog’s Follies- New Horses Arrived

Hallo meine kleine cupcakes.

I hope all you out there in the interment world have had a good week. I’ve had a really busy week. Between walking the fences and eating, finding time to ruminate on this week’s follies has taken more pontificating than Tar and I could have imagined. The week started well enough, well, that is until Monday turned up. Yeah, Mondays have the same effect on a busy horse as it does on you guys out there in human land.

If ever there was a Monday when I finally needed mom to have figured out that what I really want for breakfast each morning is a caramel macchiato with skim and an extra large bran muffin (like 3500 dually – extra large), this weeks Monday was it. But it was the usual, pony treats and a quick rub down with a damp edition of the sporting life. Not that I’m complaining mind you, but horse racing newspapers aren’t for me. I can’t run around in circles like those guys – or like Tar, running around in his ever decreasing circles until he runs into the fence or falls over in a heap, who then spends the next two minutes figuring out which tweetie-pie fly around his head – he’s going jump up and try and eat!

As you know by now, my best friend Tar is my personal interpreteriser. How he is able to operate a recording device and then type it up is still ones of life’s great mysteries. He doesn’t even have opposable thumbs for goodness sake, but do it he does. I don’t know how he finds time between chasing his tail and tearing up mom’s egg boxes. His day has to be full to the brim!

This week I got my feets done. My personal foots human came and did my feets and what a fine job she did do. It was fortuitous because me and Tar had some new friends move in to our field and I got to look my best (but you always do Bull Frog, I can hear you say) and you wouldn’t be wrong. At the risk of sounding conceited, I am equine sartorial ellequence!! (Whatever that means, I think I read it in Horse and Hound once) But I digress, they seem like a lot of fun – but it meant I had to spend a great deal of my time edjamacting them on the house rules and the rules of engagement. What side of the field shelter they can stand in and what side belongs to their glorious leader, namely moi!

As you know from last weeks Follies. Tar and me are aiming to take over the world. However, for those of you that have tried to do so, you will, by now, have realized that it’s not quite as straight forward as one at first imagines. So Tar came up with this great idea, that we would start with our field and all its inhabitants – first and take it from there. I shared this idea with mom and she said “that from small acorns great oaks grow – Bull Frog” and that it was a sensible idea to start small and work up to something bigger. Hmmm, what does she know -I still think we should just steal the farmers tractor and threaten to drive it into the pond at the bottom of the garden unless our demands are met!

So, between indoctrinating new members of my fan club and figuring out the next stage of world domination – its been a busy week. Oh yeah, as you will have noticed, I learned some Germanese this past week too. Frenchish last week and Germanese this week – its been busy! Now, if I can just get those insolent rabbits to stand to attention and bask in my glory when I walk the fences……. !! memo to Tar, – chase rabbits more but be careful, they are a little smarter than egg boxes!!!

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Ohh, my Bullfrog-graphy. Well, and seeing as you all asked and you did ask……… My real name is Arion and yes I am the very same, bred by the Greek Gods of old. My birth mom was Gaea the Goddess of earth. Tho my friend Tar says it’s mostly in that “pickled brain of yours” I am the most swiftest of horses (like ever) and the lightest on my feets. And, as you know by now, being a Greek demi-good, I have been endowed with the power of speak and currently can spoking quite well, the Germanese, Italianish, Frenchish and Anglais. I like playing with my friend Tar and my Mom, she’s a really cool human. She and Tar come visit me every day and bring me my favorite treats and Tar and I get to talk about the next Follies and our stratergy for world domination.

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