Frog’s Follies — Pig Ears vs. Bran Muffins

你好我的小蛋糕 !

In honor of the big (but unofficial meeting) between China and north Korea this week, Tar and I spent the whole of a coffee break becoming flatulent in China-ish! One of us is now 100% flatulent in China-ish. Tho I do believe that when Tar phoned up mom and tried to get her to deliver my bran muffin and extra skim latte, something got lost in translation as it seems all we really got were three dozen pigs ears and a squeaky ball!

You can image your glorious leaders horror when my personal maid, head cook and bottle-washer turned up (once again) without my Bran Muffin the size of a house. I gave her my best look of total disdain and threatened to excommunicate her from our next Horses and Hounds meeting if she continued to be insubordinate.

While I was trying to figure out why the world had decided to start spinning in the wrong direction, Tar, when realizing that piggy heaven had just fallen out the back door of mom’s truck, looked as if he had just hogged down a couple of poppyseed bagels and washed it all down with a venti sized cup of aunt sally’s finest peach moonshine!

It’s just as well I knew which way was up because after I had finished chasing his fuzzy butt around the yard, mom came and gave me my daily pedicure and massage as an apology for not doing her Chinese Rosetta Stone homework and hence hadn’t a clue what Tar was yapping on about when calling her cell phone. Its an understandable mistake, I mean Bran Muffin and Pigs ears sound almost identical in Chinese-ish.

So here’s me pretending to be enjoying a massage!!

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Ohh, my Bullfrog-graphy. Well, and seeing as you all asked and you did ask……… My real name is Arion and yes I am the very same, bred by the Greek Gods of old. My birth mom was Gaea the Goddess of earth. Tho my friend Tar says it’s mostly in that “pickled brain of yours” I am the most swiftest of horses (like ever) and the lightest on my feets. And, as you know by now, being a Greek demi-good, I have been endowed with the power of speak and currently can spoking quite well, the Germanese, Italianish, Frenchish and Anglais. I like playing with my friend Tar and my Mom, she’s a really cool human. She and Tar come visit me every day and bring me my favorite treats and Tar and I get to talk about the next Follies and our stratergy for world domination.

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