Frog’s Follies- “Run, Forest, Run!”

Ciao mio piccolo cupcakes

Week three of Tar and my endeavor to take over the world. As you can see, this week we learned Italian’ish. We figured that when we get invited to the next G7 summit one of us should be able to speak all the languageses that would be speaken’d there – so that we aren’t’ hoodwinked into agreeing to some cockadoodle “dog and pony show” on the pretence of it being for the good of the people!

And spokening of good peoples – it will pain you to hear that your glorious leaders demands for a bran muffin, the size of a semi – continue to fall on deaf ears – or rather, human ears. My mom is really cool but she don’t spoking horse very well. One can’t really complain, we horses operate on a higher level of intelligence, so……….!

After becoming flatulent in Italian’ish by Tuesday lunch time, Tar and I sat sit’ed down and put together the next phase of our stratergy for becoming the worlds firstest equine/canine authors to sit a-top of Oprahs book club. All was going well as we started to storyboard our journey to this point, when it took a rather disagreeable turn… (kinda like knowing you shoulda turned left at Albuquerque – when you realize you just run in to Montezuma’s cave) Yeah, that nutshell, you know what am wiinnieng about, right !!!

So, mom turns up to my Schloss with an open bag of pony treats (that’s right I got my momma trained, trained, like real gud!) So I am pacing up and down like a horse just about to get a pony treat when she leans over my stall door for me to see MY bag of Apple and Bran candy squares – OPEN!!!!!!!!!   I mean, can you image the impertinence!! (oh the horror, the horror)..

I turn and look at my best friend Tar to share my displeasure with him, only to be immediately horrified as I recognize the look on his little furry hamster chops! Well wadday know, low-and-behold, he’s got evidence stuck to his doggy snout and hanging out of his mouth!   Turns out that my best friend had got the munchies while he was hitching a ride out to play with me and decided that my bag of candy suddenly had his name written all over it!

Sooooooo, a week that started so well and with the promise of spring, turned in to this…… a thoroughbred chasing a corpulent little short legged snack stealer.

“That’s right, “Run Forest, Run”  

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Ohh, my Bullfrog-graphy. Well, and seeing as you all asked and you did ask……… My real name is Arion and yes I am the very same, bred by the Greek Gods of old. My birth mom was Gaea the Goddess of earth. Tho my friend Tar says it’s mostly in that “pickled brain of yours” I am the most swiftest of horses (like ever) and the lightest on my feets. And, as you know by now, being a Greek demi-good, I have been endowed with the power of speak and currently can spoking quite well, the Germanese, Italianish, Frenchish and Anglais. I like playing with my friend Tar and my Mom, she’s a really cool human. She and Tar come visit me every day and bring me my favorite treats and Tar and I get to talk about the next Follies and our stratergy for world domination.

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