Frog’s Follies- Tar’s Vacation

Доброе утро, моя маленькая кексы

As Tar and I get closer to being invited to the G7 summit…… we have been learnering to spoke flatulently in the mother tongue.  It seems Russia is all the rage right now so we hopped on the good foot and did the bad thing by enveloping ourselves in all things Russianese.  You won’t be surprised to hear that I became thourghly flatulent in it within a couple hours but all Tar could muster was to learn how to play “Back in the U.S.S.R”  by the Baubles, on his Balalaika.

But I digest, since my last blog was a couple of weeks ago I should probably offer an explanation as to why this one has taken so long.  Well, it goes something like this…..

You will no doubt remember the wind storm we had a little while ago?  Well, while everyone was hattening down the batches, tieing everything to everything else so that it wouldn’t end up in the next county, Tar and my mom ran away!  Can you believe it!! and to North Carolina of all the places!  Seems that Tar had scheduled a hiking, swimming, ball chasing sojourn and need mom to drive him there.  And she did!  But it’s all good in the neigh-borhood……. as mom came and checked in on me before taking my partner in crime on vacay!

So while Tar and mom ran away, I stood at the highest point of all that I survey and faced old man weather butt on. And if nothing else I got a nice perm out of it!!

So while Tar was busy doing this

AND….then this….

I was doing this…..


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Ohh, my Bullfrog-graphy. Well, and seeing as you all asked and you did ask……… My real name is Arion and yes I am the very same, bred by the Greek Gods of old. My birth mom was Gaea the Goddess of earth. Tho my friend Tar says it’s mostly in that “pickled brain of yours” I am the most swiftest of horses (like ever) and the lightest on my feets. And, as you know by now, being a Greek demi-good, I have been endowed with the power of speak and currently can spoking quite well, the Germanese, Italianish, Frenchish and Anglais. I like playing with my friend Tar and my Mom, she’s a really cool human. She and Tar come visit me every day and bring me my favorite treats and Tar and I get to talk about the next Follies and our stratergy for world domination.

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