Frog’s Follies–The Beginning

Bonjour mes petits cupcakes and welcome to Frog’s Follies.

My name is Bullfrog and this is my blog for all you out there in Horse World Connect – world thingy.

It is a little known fact (until you started reading this, of course) That I am the world’s first blogging and hence the worlds smartestist horse – other than Mr. Ed of course. OK, so that would make me second firstist smartest horse. But in my defense, Mr. Ed had connections. I just have a slightly bewildered black Labrador who thinks he’s a secretarial genius and celebrates by running around in ever decreasing circles every five minutes!


This is a weekly soujorn into my life and my adventures, You’ll hear about some of my adventures, meet some of my friends, especially my best friend Tar– oh, yeah and my Mom, she’s really cool! However having only got two legs – she doesn’t speak horse too well!! I know this because every morning, for breakfast, she brings me pony treats and every morning I specifically put in my request for a skim caramel machiado with extra molasses and a bran muffin! And it never happens, I mean like EVER!!! So it looks like I am going to have to go get it myself because it’s clear she thinks I am asking for pony nutz – eevveerry day!

I know, I know, you’re thinking to yourself “how you typing this, frog-ster (yeah, i‘m hip too) – you don’t have opposable thumbs. That’s a really good question my little mon amiee’s.

Well, let me tell you. You see, (it goes something like this) I have a smartphone, it’s a “Happle Ate” and while I was doing laundry last night I downloaded the Winnie-to-Words App. So I just happily waffle along in to this thing and it inturpritates what it is that it is that am to be saiding. You see it works perfectly!

My best friend Tar comes and collects my daily omnipitations (err, yeah, that’s a real word, I think) when he and Mom bring me breakfast each day. He goes home and types them up on his Lapperty-tapperty box thingamajigamathingma– doohickey. Then my hapless two-legged personal assistant sends it off to the intermenet fairy. And like well delivered road-apples it ends up being the bestest part of Horse World Connect.  With any luck me and Tar will go on to world domination and become number one in Oprah’s Book Club!

So here’s me, my best friend Tar and my Mom. I hope you enjoy our adventures.

If you want to suggest seeing me and Tar getting up to some of your adventures, feel free to send us your ideas.



This week’s Whinnie of Wisdom

Life is not about how many ribbons you win. It’s about being with the herd you love!

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Ohh, my Bullfrog-graphy. Well, and seeing as you all asked and you did ask……… My real name is Arion and yes I am the very same, bred by the Greek Gods of old. My birth mom was Gaea the Goddess of earth. Tho my friend Tar says it’s mostly in that “pickled brain of yours” I am the most swiftest of horses (like ever) and the lightest on my feets. And, as you know by now, being a Greek demi-good, I have been endowed with the power of speak and currently can spoking quite well, the Germanese, Italianish, Frenchish and Anglais. I like playing with my friend Tar and my Mom, she’s a really cool human. She and Tar come visit me every day and bring me my favorite treats and Tar and I get to talk about the next Follies and our stratergy for world domination.

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