Making Time

Remember last time I wrote it was about finding time… Well this week it’s about making time. And why does it seem so hard to make the time to visit, to ride, to play with our horse? Or anything else for that matter.

We make time when it’s an emergency, but not for prevention.

We make time to be busy, but not productive.

We make time to go to funerals, but not to visit.

We make time to work, but not to play.

We make time for others, but not for ourselves.

I know, from experience, that I can make time to see my horse regularly as I had to do it when she was sick earlier this year. We had had an incredibly wet month and she ended up with a very bad case of rainscald. Every second day I went to visit and spent a good couple of hours each time nursing her.

Of course, I had to ‘find’ that time somewhere…

I dropped a few of the things I would normally do and, surprise surprise, the world didn’t stop spinning because I took time out! Nobody died and everyone still got fed, watered and clothed. It was accepted that because she was sick, I had a duty to nurse her and help her to heal, therefore making time was perfectly acceptable.

But, why is it, if you are going out just for pure enjoyment, somehow that’s not enough of a good reason to drop other things.

Why do we feel we need a ‘good excuse’ to go horsing around? As if making time for ourselves and our interests is somehow wasteful.

While we’re grappling with this, we see those very lucky, and probably very organised, people who do make the time, who do make the effort for themselves.

Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day yet some people seem to get way more done in that time. Why is that? What is their special power?

For me, I think it is having a fair degree of self-worth, of valuing my time enough that I can say no to the busyness of life and say yes to my own personal enjoyment and pleasure.

Because, when you think about it, life is full of experiences. Good ones, bad ones and some just plain ugly ones. And if we don’t make time to have these experiences, what are we left with? Moments of cleaning? Hours of waiting? Days of what ifs? Years of just blah…

I want experiences. Yes, even the hard ones, the terrifying ones but especially the great ones. And they aren’t going to happen if I don’t make the time to seek them out.

The older I get the more I want to take part in life and make it happen. I’m finished with making time for everyone else and not myself.

Life only happens if you make time for it; not the other way around.

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Allyssa Carlton

I’ve loved horses forever but only in the last few years have I owned a horse. Now I belong to a grey Arab mare named Aine. When I’m not horsing around, you’ll find me writing, cooking, reading and drinking coffee and wine. I share my home with my barista husband, one of my two daughters and her tiny dog Patrick.

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