My Horse’s Nose is…. BLUE!

OH NO!   MY horses nose is…. BLUE!
What did he catch? Is it contagious? Can I get It?  The funny truth is yes you can catch it… and you should. Now I know that equine sickness is of concern to all, as it should be. But few of them crossover into the human world. This one dose.  Now that we are in summer and both of use are baking. We both need electrolytes!
Ted recently after a work out took a dive (10 second colic attack). H was not acting his normal self and was not talking to me. Then he laid down and pointed to his side and looked at me . Sure sign… I’m in trouble here human, do what ever you do to fix me.  I did all the normal first horse responder stuff, but not a gurgle was to be found. His heart rate was up and his breathing was quick and short. He was not sweating.
 I’m thinking paintball heat stroke that I have seen many times on the field of battle.  GATORADE! GATORADE!  Ya that’s kind of like, “ medic”, on the the paint ball field.
Luckily I had one, so I poured it down his horsey throat. After a,” what did you do that for? look”  he stood up, shook his mane, blew his nose and said, “what’s to eat?” and wandered off to the hay trough.  That was too easy, so I got to the house, grabbed blue gators (and watermelon) and headed back to the stall.  Ted drank one more gatorade from a bowl and gobbled the watermelon right up (PACKED with water). And that gut was gurgling like grand dad’s still.
So learn from your horse: Gatorade on hot days, followed by fresh watermelon will make you both happy, wealthy and wise.
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Dave Seroski

Teddy's Twisted Products is named after our horse, Teddy (Twisted Dancin' Boots), who is a total joy to be around. He and our other horse, Max, constantly keep us on our toes and are quick to let us know when they are bored or in need of something. Coming home to torn apart stalls with water buckets dumped and two horses looking at us with a "What?" expression is a sign that the boys want to go to the park and run around the arena. Max is also our plumber horse - even copper pipes aren't immune to his decision to rip them out. ​It is because of our love for our boys that we are always looking for ways to keep them amused and safe. And thus, Teddy's Twisted Products was born.

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