Radar (Part 7)–A Blessing in Disguise?

Day by day the edges of the wound began to shrink, but the proud flesh, angry and red, was still protruding out of the center. I was still using Banixx Spray and wrapping the leg with Vetrap, but we were no longer wrapping his legs in pillow wraps and standing bandages.

About every other day, I would examine Radar’s leg only to find he had somehow ripped the scar tissue open that was trying desperately to fill in the wound. Each time he did this the proud flesh would get a fresh start and would start its parade out of the wound all over again.

Because I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with this wound, I went back into our store and scanned the shelves for something else that might stop the growth of proud flesh. I pulled down a bottle of Wonder Dust and read the label. It was for the control of proud flesh. Perfect.

I liberally dusted the wound on Radar’s leg with Wonder Dust before lightly wrapping it with Vetrap. Sure enough, day by day, the proud flesh slowly began to shrink away and the wound finally began to close. But of course, because Radar is Radar, after every couple of days of healing he would manage to rip that wound right open and we would have to start all over.

Once he began to sport “fresh” wounds again, I went back to the Banixx Wound Spray. Since the Wonder Dust was shrinking the proud flesh, however, I decided that after I sprayed the Banixx, maybe I should use the Wonder Dust, too, in an effort to keep any new proud flesh from forming. Low and behold, when I removed the Vetrap that next day, the proud flesh was drastically reduced! Wow, I’ve never seen such a quick response. I continued spraying, puffing, and wrapping Radar’s leg daily and within two weeks, that nasty, gaping wound over the back of his leg was finally closed and only a 1” long scar remained.

I began slowly bringing Radar back into condition on the lunge line but I noticed something right away: he was no longer gimpy on that left leg. Huh? One would think that, especially after the previous three months of trying to heal that gaping wound, he would be a bit sore and off on that leg. After all, prior to the latest injury he was sporadically lame even though the suspensory ligament injury had long ago healed. It just didn’t make any sense to me how a new injury could fix an older one, but it appeared that this is exactly what had happened. I even asked a couple of different veterinarians if it’s possible the scar tissue from the leg wound had somehow strengthened the original tear in his suspensory ligament. After some careful thought from both, each told me that yes, it probably is possible that somehow the scar tissue from the recent injury had laid down another layer of scar tissue to strengthen the original suspensory ligament tear.

I’ll be darned. What a coincidence. Maybe this wound that I cursed for over three months was a blessing in disguise.

More to come next week….

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Shelley Headley

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