Two Cowboys and One Wise Cook

Early in the year at the Tortuga Trek, one young cowboy entered the steer cutting contest to win himself a buckle. Right quick, he cut himself out 2 steer and the young cowboy felt he had captured the coveted “buckle” award.  But soon, and to his dismay, he found that it was not only a timed event but also how many steer you cut. So the buckle award went to another team. Contemplating the contest, he knew he could have beaten the other team “if” he had known it was a count as well as a timed event. Deep down inside he knew he could have gotten more steer and won.

To be honest, he would have to admit that it ate at him, knowing he would have to wait til next year to get a chance at winning that buckle again.

So when he showed up for breakfast kitchen duty that Tuesday morning, the cook asked the boy: “why the long face?” The young cowboy told the old cook of his frustration. The cook listened, took a swig of his coffee, wiped his chin, and said. “ Well boy, I wouldn’t feel too bad. See that one cowboy over there from the wining team? His horse died, and he was selling out and moving on. He just couldn’t take losing another friend like he had in his horse. But winning that buckle?  Winning that buckle made him realize he could afford another horse. Some lucky horse is going to live a good life with him and he is getting a friend he needs.”

As the sun started to rise, breakfast was made and served, and the cowboy thought of the cook’s words while he was going about his labors. It eased his soul a bit knowing how it worked out. He knew he would have to wait until next year for another try, but that was OK knowing the right person got the right thing in the end.

Now on this ride they give each cowboy a goodie-bag packed with all kind of swag.  When he got his bag, he started digging through the goodies. When he got to the bottom of the bag, he pulled out a heavy, shiny object and smiled. At the bottom of the bag, he found a buckle, just like the one he almost won.

See they make extras and some lucky cowboys gets one in his goodie bag, by pure chance.


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Dave Seroski

Teddy's Twisted Products is named after our horse, Teddy (Twisted Dancin' Boots), who is a total joy to be around. He and our other horse, Max, constantly keep us on our toes and are quick to let us know when they are bored or in need of something. Coming home to torn apart stalls with water buckets dumped and two horses looking at us with a "What?" expression is a sign that the boys want to go to the park and run around the arena. Max is also our plumber horse - even copper pipes aren't immune to his decision to rip them out. ​It is because of our love for our boys that we are always looking for ways to keep them amused and safe. And thus, Teddy's Twisted Products was born.

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