What Price Do You Put On A New You?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are things not right in your personal life? After Christmas and all the giving, is it finally time to focus a little bit on yourself?

We are seeing so many positive responses with Equine Facilitated Learning: the reduction of stress, rejuvenated relationships, a return to positive decision-making, and much more in terms of life fulfillment. All that with only one week in the Rain Forest, of Costa Rica. By creating a horse human connection the mind and body is transformed.

So many experiences, each of them different in their own way, have led hundreds to share their lives with the horses of Leaves and Lizards Retreat. In some cases a lifetime and many years of counseling have been breached and the barriers removed by what some call “Magic of the Rain Forest Horses”.

Listen to this professional “I am home now, a different person. No one around me can quite name it. Some say I’m gentler, others prefer ‘more directed’ or ‘better grounded’. The words don’t matter because the truth is I’m more me. And becoming me is a never-ending process that I’m honored to have begun with Eponicity at Leaves and Lizards.”
Julie Davidson, CEO, U.S. (May 2017)

Do you want to explore the Magic of the Rain Forest Horses? connect with me here

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