Why didn’t I do this sooner?

I’m the queen of procrastination – sometimes I feel like I invented it. Everything needs to be tickety-boo before I even start. And yes, I know that isn’t possible but it hasn’t stopped me from thinking that way.

At least I’m beginning to realise how unproductive that is these days. Still, it occasionally creeps in when I’m not looking and settles itself on the lounge, puts its feet up and steals the remote. I’m left wondering which door I left open…

Now I’m learning how to distract it, wrestle the remote from its grip and kick it off the lounge. It won’t always leave when I ask it to, and sometimes I have to swear at it, but not too often.

So, what was I putting off you ask?


With a qualified riding instructor.

I’ve spent a little over the last three years riding quite aimlessly. Sure, I did some natural horsemanship and gained an awful lot from that, but I really needed dedicated riding lessons.

I wasn’t putting off a lesson because I thought I knew it all – quite the opposite really. But I just kept thinking that I didn’t really need any, after all I was only ‘messing’ around. Not like I was going to a competition or anything like that so what was the point.

But deep down I knew I had to do something. I felt my riding getting worse and my horse wasn’t responding the way I wanted.

Now was the problem of finding an instructor. We have quite a few around here and everyone seemed to have something good and bad to say about them which makes who to choose a little difficult.

Ultimately, I settled on an instructor who was coming out to some friends at the agistment centre. It wasn’t a very ‘scientific’ decision based on qualifications and results but more to do with convenience. However, I was very lucky to have found someone who, from the very first lesson, gave me some massive improvement.

So how many lessons have I now had? Two. With another one coming up this weekend. That’s crazy talk I hear you say, this woman’s gone mad, waxing lyrical after only two lessons. And you could be right but, if I feel this good after only two lessons, then I know I’m on the right path.

I feel much more confident with my riding, my horse is moving and responding better and I know that my position has improved.

Now I’m kicking myself (and not my horse) – why didn’t I do this sooner!!

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Allyssa Carlton

I’ve loved horses forever but only in the last few years have I owned a horse. Now I belong to a grey Arab mare named Aine. When I’m not horsing around, you’ll find me writing, cooking, reading and drinking coffee and wine. I share my home with my barista husband, one of my two daughters and her tiny dog Patrick.

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